About Us

VanMar Capital is a family owned company located in Santa Ana, CA that purchases and renovates houses nationwide. We are fast, efficient, and pride ourselves in being a company you can trust and rely on.

We work closely with a network of attorneys and real estate professionals to assist you and your family in any situation. VanMar Capital specializes in inheritance and probate purchases and allows you to relax by avoiding the hassle of dealing with realtors and the open market. Our goal is to understand and assist every property owner no matter the situation or hurdles presented.

At VanMar Capital, we will buy your house, eliminate the stresses of selling, and pay you a price you're happy with. We will buy your property quickly and in any condition while accommodating your desired closing period. You will not be charged any commissions, closing costs, or service fees. If you need an advance on your inheritance, we are happy to help!